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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A picture book about an Odd Duck (and other quirky waterfowl)

Castellucci, Cecil; Varon, Sara (2013) Odd Duck.  New York:  First Second. 

This is an odd little book.  Although it has graphic novel elements, it really reads more like a regular children’s picture book (usually one image per page rather than panels, for instance.  The story is cute.  Theodora is a rather quirky little duck who befriends her neighbor who is downright odd sop that he might not feel so alone.  After a while though, she realizes that maybe he befriended her for the same reason. 
      This would perhaps fit best for second grade through fourth  (though I can imagine using it in high school to introduce a lesson about individuality and nonconformity.)  The images are appropriately quirky.  I am not going to say you need to have this book on your shelf, but if you did, it would add an interesting bit of flair to some of your less interesting picture books.

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