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Monday, July 22, 2013

Best book for readers who teach math or math teachers who read

Hyde, Arthur  (2006)  Comprehending Math:  Adapting Reading Strategies to Teach Mathematics K-6.  Portsmouth: Heinemann.    

Usually the books I recommend here are children's literature.  This one isn't.  It is a practical book about how to use reading to teach math and how to read in math, and how to write in math, and how to use the arts (like drama) when teaching math.  For a book full of practical advice for teachers, it is actually remarkably dramatic.  If you ever teach math, you need this book, and here is why:

I am convinced this book is written by a really smart mathematician who absolutely loves to read everything he can get his hands on.  There is excellent material in here about integrating reading, writing, drama, and other arts into K-12 teaching.  Hyde really gets it.  He understands that math teachers don’t need more work to do (“Oh, great, now I have to teach reading and writing and the arts too – Arggghhhh!”) – but rather they need more tools to be able to reach their students.  That is exactly what Hyde provides – plenty of really useful tools – particularly to reaching those who do not yet know they love math.

There is still time left in the summer to read it.  Get hold of this one.  If you don't teach math, buy this for someone who does.

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