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Monday, March 31, 2014

This Graphic Novel about food might grab some of your students.

Knisley, Lucy (2013)  Relish:  My Life in the Kitchen.  New York:  First Second.

    So this graphic novel is a memoir about cooking.  I don't imagine that every seventh grader through high school student is going to grab this one off the shelf, but for those student you have who are passionate about cooking --- this might be perfect.  Well, sort of.  There is a lot of coming of age stuff in here, including pornography and underage drinking.  I don't think it is the sort of thing that would bother any but the most sensitive readers, but it is important to be aware of. 

     Much like this review, the memoir is not linear, and is punctuated throughout by recipes, explanations about the right way to cook something,  and, (as seen above) even advice about how to shop for food.  In between cooking moments, though, we find out about Lucy's parent's early marriage, her mom's early work life in the food industry, Lucy's parents eventual breakup, and Lucy's early childhood through her college and post college days. 

     It was a good book.  I am not going to say you have to read it, but if you know a kid or two who loves preparing food, you might check ti out -- this book could become very important to them.

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