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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beautiful Wordless French Picture Book

Devernay, Laetitia (there is seriously no copyright date anywhere on this book.  Weird.)  The Conductor.  Chronicle Books


A man in a suit  climbs a tree.  At the top of the tree he raises his baton, gestures, and the leaves of the tree turn into birds and fly off.  Different birds fly from different leaves.  In response to his direction the form giant loops in the sky.  When all the birds are gone, he bows and climbs back down.  As the birds return, he buries one end of his baton and a new tree sprouts. 
     That's it.  That's all that happens in this wordless book, and it is beautiful. 
     One of the reasons I like reading international picture books is that often they take my breath away with the way they are able to see things differently.  This book does exactly that.  It would be good for Kindergarten through age 47.  (I can only speak for myself -- I haven't tested it with anyone older than 47).

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