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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Excellent Volume of Graphic Novel Short Stories (occasionally about robots)

Kibuishi, Kazu (2005)  Flight, Volume 2 Berkeley: Image

This is an amazing collection of short graphic-novel-style stories by well known graphic novelists like Hope Larsen, Kean Soo, Jeff Smith, and Ben Hatke, but also by some creators I was unfamiliar with (I particularly like Michel Gagne, Jake Parker, Khang Lee and others). 
The variety here is astonishing.  There are some stories that I would love to share with second and third graders, and other stories that would be suitable only for high school seniors who had a working knowledge of both how to read graphic novels, and also of artistic styles. 
The subjects range over a broad swath of territory as well.  Here are stories about a interdimensional train, the later life of Laika the space dog, how a girl's forgotten toys try to protect her form a bad romance, and a boys first real attempt to talk to a girl (outside a comic book store). I am not saying you are going to like all the stories in this volume (I had my favorites and those I didn't care for).  But I am guessing that every reader will find several stories they find exciting, touching, or funny.

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